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About Us

At A&N Forwarding, Inc., we go above and beyond to make sure all shipments get to the right end point throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico once it passes through Customs. We do not have any size or weight limits either. It is important to note that any freight or shipment going through Canadian Customs must be handled by the customer.


Our warehouse is 15,000 square feet and is situated in a 15,000 square feet yard as well, in which we have insurance on in order to cover all merchandise without additional costs to our clients. For clients that have an active import or export order, we’re happy to provide free storage services.

Shipment Tracking

We track your shipments from all around the world! All you have to do is call us so we can let you know where exactly your shipment is in the process.

Immediate Response Times

We can turn over a shipment within the same day for urgent orders, and are able to check and prepare it at the same time for exporting, as long as all documents have been received for proper exporting.

Contact us today in Laredo, Texas, to obtain even more information about our freight forwarding agency.

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